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  • Easy Coconut Chocolate Energy Bites Recipe Read Article
    Easy Coconut Chocolate Energy Bites Recipe

    Easy Coconut Chocolate Energy Bites Recipe

    These delicious little melts of energy are a great way to use up left over Easter chocolate, use whatever chocolate that you have readily available. The Coconut Melts  make a great pick me up snack also ideal for the children’s lunch box.

    Sometimes it is difficult to resist temptation, we think this is the answer when we need a chocolate fix, we get the benefit of energy without the guilt! Any type of chocolate can be used, although nothing   beats organic dark chocolate...yum!


    1 bar of your chosen chocolate

    75g desiccated coconut

    1-2 tbsp. Maple syrup

    8 tbsp. Melted coconut oil


    Mix the last three ingredients until soft, add more coconut if too runny.

    Divide the mixture and start rolling piece by piece into a small ball shape.

    Freeze for approx 10 minutes, they should be set now.

    Melt the chocolate and pour over the coconut mixture, put back in the freezer until set.

    They can be served alone or if you wish place in paper cases, this makes a lovely display.


  • Relaxation Techniques for Body and Mind Read Article
    Relaxation Techniques for Body and Mind

    Relaxation Techniques for Body and Mind

    Embrace the bright  mornings start your day with a sequence of sun salutations...moving slowly through the cycle of 12 basic postures   coordinating your breath with each movement helps keep the body healthy and the mind clear. As we move through the sun salutation sequence of movements it provides an opportunity to focus on the gifts we have and feel   gratitude. When we feel grateful it replaces our worries and fears with peace and calm. This practice is easily adopted into our everyday  lives, all that is required is a yoga mat and a space which allows you to stretch out. One full sequence may only take a few minutes to complete, as time goes on you can build up the sequence to suit yourself. It is important to work with your breath, the routine becomes part of your daily life helping to waken your body after sleep, whilst also planting your body firmly on earth, this gives a solid positive feeling before you day begins. When we practice yoga we become more aware of our bodies and what we eat and drink. The term ‘my body is a temple’ has often been used, albeit never a truer word said. A balanced healthy diet to include a variety of nuts and fruit, change from tea and coffee to the many delicious herbal teas, you will reap the rewards. These small changes to our lifestyle can have dramatic results giving ourselves a positive start to each day, making our inner self glow and feel happy.






  • Places to go: Our favourite things to do in Paris Read Article
    Places to go: Our favourite things to do in Paris

    Places to go: Our favourite things to do in Paris

    Ah Paris in the spring...chestnuts in blossom, holiday tables under the trees, April in Paris, this is a feeling that no one can ever reprise’, as Ella Fitzgerald sang.

    Paris is a city that has something for everyone young and old, we love the atmosphere, people watching whilst sipping coffee in one of its many cafes. There is so much history and beauty everywhere you look, not to mention the institutions of Chanel and Hermes!

    What we love to do in the city of lights

    Visit the bakeries: Who can resist the yummy macaroons at Laudurèe? The window displays alone are worth a visit, once you pass through the entrance doors you immediately feel like you have stepped through a looking glass, it is almost boudoir, beautiful ornate ceilings, cute round tables and of course macaroons in every colour and flavour imaginable.

    Rollerblade by night: typical cool Parisians and tourists alike can rollerblade to their hearts delight every Friday night....a great way to burn off the indulgence of all those macaroons!

    Buttes Chaumont: the Buttes Chaumont in the north west of Paris, is a large green space, featuring purpose built lakes, islands to explore. The hill here offers magnificent views of Paris.

    Jardin des Tuileries, between the Louvre and Place de la Concorde, these gardens have been a chic promenade since they opened to the public in the 16th century. Stroll or jog through the beautiful alleyways of these gardens, or simply take time out to sit and be in the moment, there is no better place.

    Bon voyage!