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  • Ease Hayfever Naturally Read Article
    Ease Hayfever Naturally

    Petalwell Loves... Breathewell

    A totally natural way to ease your hay fever symptoms...Petalwell Breathewell. This blend of Scots Pine, Cypress and Black Spruce clears the head, perfect when tackling hay fever, leaving you feeling invigorated and revitalised.

    Petalwell Breathewell is made from 100% natural ingredients, organic or wild harvested oils of the purest quality which are sourced from all over the world.

    To use, simply add 6 drops of oil the Petalwell Diffuser, turn on and enjoy the calming aroma of this natural blend.

    Alternatively you can use our Breathewell Aromatherapy Scarf....pour a few drops of oil onto the scarf, slip over your head, enjoy the benefit of the natural aroma... anytime... anywhere...

  • Petalwell Loves...Herb Pots Read Article
    Petalwell Loves...Herb Pots

    Petalwell Loves...Herb Pots

    Follow these easy steps to start growing your own herbs:

    1 Select your herbs, choose herbs that you will use in everyday cooking!

    2 Prepare a terracotta pot by placing a layer of stones to quarter of the pots depth, this helps drainage.

    3 Fill with soil compost.

    4 Start planting, leave enough space between each stem.

    5 Place taller plants in the centre of the pot, fill gaps between the plants with compost.

    6 Put fertiliser in the pots, this will last a season.

    7 Water thoroughly, then continue to water every few days or when soil seems dry.


  • Petalwell Loves...Strandhill Sligo Read Article
    Petalwell Loves...Strandhill Sligo

    Petalwell Loves...Strandhill Sligo

    A trip to Strandhill would not be complete without a delicious ice cream from Mammy Johnston’s Ice Cream Parlour & Cafe. Enjoy the magnificent views of the Atlantic ocean whilst savouring the tasty delights on offer...crepes, perfectly roasted coffee...yum!

    Voya have revived the Irish seaweed bath, located in Strandhill with beautiful surroundings, our favourite is the Voya Detox Seaweed bath. The simplest organic treatment using the powers of hand harvested seaweed to deeply moisturise your skin, increases circulation and promotes healing. A great kick start to the summer season!

    Strandhill surf school is a great day out for all ages, from beginners to intermediates everyone is catered for, horse back riding along the beach is another fun option.