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  • Petalwell Loves Aromatherapy Scarves.... Read Article
    Petalwell Loves Aromatherapy Scarves....

    Petalwell Loves Aromatherapy Scarves....

    Petalwell Aromatherapy Scarves are the perfect choice for  wearing while travelling, with 3 blends to choose from.  Simply pour a few drops of your chosen blend onto the scarf, wear and inhale the natural aroma to enjoy the benefits.

    Breathewell Scarf is ideal during the winter months when fighting the effects of colds, flu and allergies.

    Travelwell Scarf great to perk you up when energy is a bit low, arrive to your destination revived and refreshed.

    Sleepwell Scarf is perfect for long haul flights or when enjoying some downtime at home.

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  • Petalwell  Loves Galway Oyster Festival..... Read Article
    Petalwell  Loves Galway Oyster Festival.....

    Petalwell  Loves Galway Oyster Festival.....

    Each year on the last weekend of September, Galway city celebrates the Galway International Oyster Festival, the most internationally recognised Irish Festival after St. Patricks Day.

    Oysters are consumed and washed down with champagne and Guinness whilst listening to some of the best musicians in Ireland.

    We love to stay at the fabulous G Hotel, their Espa Spa is the perfect place to relax and unwind after your eventful day!!


  • Petalwell Loves Red Valentino... Read Article
    Petalwell Loves Red Valentino...

    Petalwell Loves Red Valentino...

    RED which stands for Romantic Eccentric Dress, is the playful diffusion line from legendary Italian fashion house Valentino.

    Expect contemporary twist on feminine elegance, stand out pieces that reflect Valentino. We particularly love this seasons collection, very cool pieces particularly their coats and dresses. A definite on our wish list is the limited edition t-shirt, perfect with jeans and great for evening with a, love!!!