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  • July Newsletter Petalwell Loves Weddings Read Article
    July Newsletter Petalwell Loves Weddings

    July Newsletter Petalwell Loves Weddings....

    It is lovely to receive a wedding invite from a close friend or family member and be part of a special celebration. The first thing that strikes a girl’s mind is what to wear!

    When the outfit has been decided the next big obstacle is what gift to give. Every guest wants to give a unique, memorable gift but nowadays it is so difficult to decide what to give to couples who have everything.

    The Petalwell Diffuser Gift Box makes the perfect alternative gift, with luxurious packaging, contemporary design, the Petalwell fits in with any home decor style. The wedding couple can surround themselves with fragrance naturally!!


  • July Petalwell Loves, Sleepwell Oil.... Read Article
    July Petalwell Loves, Sleepwell Oil....

    July newsletter Petalwell Loves....  Sleepwell Oil....

    Having trouble getting to sleep with the hot, balmy nights of summer? Our Sleepwell Oil blend is the perfect solution to get the beauty sleep you need.

    Made from 100% pure essential oils, this tranquil combination of Lavender and Sweet Marjoram helps calm the mind and prepare for slumber.

    To use, simply add a few drops of Sleepwell to the Petalwell Diffuser, turn on, relax, unwind and drift into blissful sleep.

    Sweet dreams are made of this!!



  • Petalwell Loves U2... Read Article
    Petalwell Loves U2...

    July Newsletter Petalwell Loves U2...

    As you know Petalwell is an Irish company, the Petalwell is designed and manufactured in Carlow, a town one hour south of Dublin.

    We at Petalwell had such a memorable weekend we want to share, U2 came home to Dublin Saturday evening for their Joshua Tree concert. The excitement was unreal we were at the original concert 30 years ago, they didn’t disappoint, they truly are the greatest live rock band in the world!!

    Further dates have been announced for America, we are checking flights as I write, if you can go and see these amazing Irish men it will be the best night of your life!!!