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  • Petalwell Loves Mindfulness... Read Article
    Petalwell Loves Mindfulness...

    Petalwell Loves Mindfulness...

    We are all leading busy lives and experiencing stress on many different levels, the way we react to this hectic being determines our mood and health.

    Mindfulness helps us put some space between ourselves and our reactions, breaking down our conditional responses. Taking time to pause and breathe instead of the constant rushing is the key to Mindfulness, allowing the mind to turn to the present without judgement, easier said than done!

    With practice Mindfulness can help with depression, anxiety for young and old and enhance quality of life, we could all do with this....

  • August Petalwell Loves Livewell Oil Read Article
    August Petalwell Loves Livewell Oil

    August Petalwell Loves Livewell Oil...

    This time of year we are busy preparing for the dreaded back to school. It is so difficult to return to a life of routine after a wonderful summer of lazy mornings where time means nothing!!!

    Livewell Oil is the perfect solution to help get started in the morning. This energising, positive blend of Pink Grapefruit and Black Spruce will boost the family’s mood and add sparkle to everyone’s day.

    To use simply pour a few drops into the Petalwell Diffuser to enjoy the zesty aroma of this upbeat blend.



  • August Petalwell Loves Electric Picnic Read Article
    August Petalwell Loves Electric Picnic

    August Petalwell Loves Electric Picnic

    The best time to enjoy a music festival is definitely the summer, the sun shining and music blasting what more could you ask for!

    The highlight of the outdoor festivals in Ireland has to be Electric Picnic. This arts and music festival is staged in the amazing grounds of Stradbally Hall, an old family estate. These grounds turn into a sea of colour, with an ever growing list of stages which include wellness, food and bars.

    Onsite boutique camping is available which is far more glamorous than the basic kind, don’t forget to pack your Petalwell ideal and safe to use in your tent to create your personal ambience....