Our Story

A timeless solution to a modern problem - the story of Petalwell

Our Story of two sisters


Portability is the keystone of our philosophy, and you’ll always enjoy this with our Petalwell Diffusers.

Jacqueline and Rachel grew up watching their inventor father tinkering with products for his manufacturing company at the kitchen table. Now they are both working mothers juggling challenging roles. 

In searching for a way to balance their busy lives the sisters caught the scent of an idea for a clever now product: The Petalwell. Beautifully designed and made in Ireland it diffuses natural healing essential oils into any room.

Oglesby & Butler

The need for your own calming, relaxing space...

Together with an aromatherapy expert, the sisters have also developed a range of six pure essential oil blends to compliment the Petalwell. Each deliciously soothing fragrance evokes a particular frame of mind from the restorative Travelwell to the relaxing Petalwell Sleep. 

It's completely portable, so you can bring this wonderfully uplifting natural experience with you, wherever you go. 

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