Bring the healing into your home

Bring the healing into your home and treat yourself to the luxurious healing benefits of aromatherapy every day. Wake up with our energizing blend on a morning in your kitchen and experience the wonderful zesty aroma of Pink Grapefruit and Black Spruce. Relax in your sitting room with the woody scent of Atlas Cedarwood and the freshness of Bergamot Mint. Help set and maintain better sleep hygiene with our sooting combination of Sweet Marjoram Highland Lavander and Lemon, or add a dash of romance anytime with the sensuous blend of Sandalwood and exotic Jasmine. 

The Petalwell Aromatherapy Diffuser can help ease moods and emotions and scent your home in a natural way everyday. 

   -Therapeutic benefits of Aromatherapy in your home
   -Natural fragrance - no synthetic chemicals or perfume
   -Help set and maintain better sleep hygiene
   -Safe to use at night and around children, the elderly and pets
   -Portable and easy to move from room to room

How do essential oils work?

On the mind

Our sense of smell is the most primitive of our senses and has a direct link to our limbic system in the brain, which governs memory, emotion and instinct.

When we breathe in, the tiny molecules in the essential oil react with the nerve receptors in our nasal cavity, and travel through the olfactory system to the brain, which responds quickly to the aroma.

This powerful response can evoke a memory, an emotion or relive an event in an instant.

On the body

On a physical level, the molecules in the oils are absorbed by inhalation through the lungs into the bloodstream where they react in the body on a therapeutic level.

In massage, the highly concentrated essential oils are always diluted in base oil, e.g. sweet almond oil, which is then absorbed through the skin during the massage.


Using essential oils:

physical & emotional therapeutic benefits

   -Stimulating - relaxing - sedative - soothing
   -Antiseptic - anti-viral - anti-depressant
   -Anti-bacterial - energizing - de-congestion
   -Ease muscle cramps and tension
   -Boost the immune system
   -Increase/decrease in blood pressure

Where do the oils come from?

The essential oils are extracted from a large range of natural raw materials. Traditionally they are extracted by means of distillation.

They come from flowers (Rose and Jasmine), seeds (Cardamom and Carrot), leaves (Geranium and Eucalyptus), fruits (Bergamot and Juniper), rind (Lemon and Grapefruit), herbs (Thyme & Rosemary) roots (Vetiver and Ginger), woods (Sandalwood and Cedarwood) and resins (Frankincense and Myrrh).

Safety precautions when using essential oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated and only a few drops are needed to have a powerful effect.

Here are some basic safety guidelines to consider when using essential oils. If in any doubt at all, consult with your medical practitioner.

   -Not to be taken internally
   -Do not use undiluted on the skin - always put into a base or carrier - oil, cream, gel
   -Keep out of reach of children
   -Keep away from the eyes
   -If pregnant do not use in first 12 weeks and seek medical advice for use in remainder of the pregnancy
   -Seek medical advice before use if you have a medical condition (such as epilepsy or high blood pressure)
   -Discontinue if there is an allergic reaction. Seek medical advice
   -Check that the bottle says 100% pure, natural essential oil
   -The botanical name written in Latin is usually on the bottle
   -Should always be in a dark glass bottle, store in a cool dry place - use within 12 months