Sleepwell Natural Essential Oil – restful sleep

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Sweet dreams are made of this. Relax, unwind, and drift into blissful sleep with this tranquil combination of Lavender and Sweet Marjoram. Zzzzzzzz...

Each 10ml bottle lasts approximately 60 hours

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With a scent that comes direct from nature, you can create your own space and ambience. With Sleepwell, you can truly calm down after a hectic day and ready yourself for slumber. It’s made from 100% pure essential oil and was created for use with the Petalwell Diffuser. At Petalwell, we’re passionate about only using natural essential oil and we have carefully selected organic or wild harvested oils from all over the world.

To use, simply add a few drops of essential oils to the Petalwell Diffuser, turn on and enjoy the zesty aroma of this upbeat blend.

Sleepwell - At a glance

  • Get the night’s sleep you deserve with this beautifully relaxing and calm blend of essential oils.
  • Boost your mood and create a positive and comforting sense of well-being.
  • Contains no artificial chemicals or preservatives and is kind to you and the environment.
  • Made with 100% organic or wild harvested oils, this combines perfectly gentle Lavender and sweet Marjoram.
  • Each 10ml bottle lasts approximately 60 hours


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